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Discreet paternity test:

We can carry out the paternity test using one of the following samples:
Type: Comments: Instruction on the packaging:
Used tissue Nasal mucous The tissue should have been used less than 3 days before. Put the tissue inside the envelope provided. Try to find a tissue with a significant amount of mucous.
Hair The root must be present. Hairs taken from a comb cannot always be used. Collect as many hairs as possible. We need at least 5 hairs. Take the hairs and put them inside the envelope provided.
Nails Fingernails or toenails should be less than 3 days old. Take the nails and put them inside the envelope provided.
Chewing gum Sugar-free hewing gum gives the best results. Take the chewing gum and put it in the envelope provided.
Toothbrush Dry the toothbrush in the open air for 30-60 minutes. Use scissors to cut the brush hairs and put them in the envelope provided, taking care not to touch them with your hand.
Cigarette butts We need 2 to 4 cigarette butts. Take the cigarette butts and put them in the envelope provided.

Guidelines for a Successful Sample Collection:

  • Ensure that the samples remain uncontaminated by any external biological sources, including other people, animals, or any biological material.
  • The likelihood of a successful DNA extraction increases with the amount of organic material from the individual being tested present in the sample.

The lab tasked with DNA extraction from your provided sample is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and possesses the necessary expertise to enhance the probability of a successful extraction. However, it's important to recognize that the success of DNA extraction from a given sample cannot be guaranteed to be 100% successful.
Below are a few common reasons why DNA extraction might not succeed:

  • contamination of the DNA sample with biological contaminants (from other humans, animals, etc.);
  • insufficient DNA present in the sample;
  • the age of the DNA sample has degraded its quality;

Should the DNA extraction process fail, proceeding with the paternity test becomes impossible. In such scenarios, a partial refund of the order cost may be issued (where applicable).

Extended Processing Times for Non-Standard Samples:

Extracting DNA from non-standard samples, such as those not collected via cotton swabs, typically requires additional time compared to standard methods. As a result, the overall timeline for completing the paternity test will be extended by an additional working day.

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